The birth of “Solutionneurs”

The concept of “Solutionneur,” as a person that embodies Leadership + Entrepreneurial + ProblemSolving skills, was initially coined by the Founding President of Harambe-Cameroon, to boost the youths to be “Problem Solvers” and solve local problems with business solutions.

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The birth of Solutionneurs.

Later on;  on June 20th, 2012, a couple of young Cameroonians entrepreneurs thought about tapping into the potential of hundreds of dynamic and competent youths, to execute various projects outsourced by individuals and companies online and offline. Because more than 70% of the youths do not have legal-sources of income, the co-founders thought they could harness on the savoir-faire of skilled youths and entrepreneurs in general, remunerate them for their work, and deliver on projects in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. That was the birth day of Solutionnneurs LLC!

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Who is a Solutionneur?

A Solutionneur is someone who embodies a combination of 3 skills :#Leadership#Entrepreneurship & #ProblemSolving.

Hence, Solutionneurs LLC is a coalition of #Solutionneurs.

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Un(e) Solutionnneu(r)(se) est quelqu’un(e) qui a une combinaison de 3 compétences: Le leadership, l’esprit d’entrepreunariat & La résolution des problèmes.

Ainsi, Solutionneurs SARL est une coalition de Solutionneurs.

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